About Cindy Danbom


My intention is to let my skills, experiences, insights and abilities be of service in helping guide you on your pathway of personal transformation. I want to make my work available for people, and offer reasonable rates depending on your situation.

I am a Hypnotherapist and a psychic reader. I have 30 years of education and discipline in the development of my psychic muscle. After doing readings for people for 20 years, I decided to learn Hypnotherapy as a way to help people with issues that came up for them and as way to help people learn to relax. I found through the years, that a lot of people don’t know how to relax and meditation could be difficult to achieve for some poeple. Hypnosis is a wonderful inner technology that is easily taught and easily learned. My work includes:

Private Counseling Sessions

Tarot Readings

Quantum Cellular Healing

Heart Coherence

Merkaba meditation

Soul Retrievals

Chakra Readings

Chakra Exercises
Chakra Energy Clearing


Please read more information about my counseling services. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to make an appointment, by phone (360) 618-3280 or through the form below.

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