July 2018

Grounding is a good practice.  We are electromagnetic beings and we live in the electromagnetic energy field of the Earth and the Sun.  Grounding our energy field into the Earth helps keep our field balanced and in tack.  Grounding also helps us to become energetically responsible and encourages other people to take energetic  responsibility for themselves.  The practice is very simple.  Imagine, envision or intend that roots, a shaft of light, a cord, or an anchor is extending from the base of your spine and is going down through the layers of the Earth and is grounding or anchoring you into the center of the Earth.  Practice doing this several times a day, do it while driving or walking.  Play with the grounding practice until it becomes automatic.  You will notice a difference.  We ground the electrical field of our homes into the earth.  We also need to ground our bodies into the Earth Mother.