My services

I offer personal counseling sessions using hypnotherapy techniques, as well as spiritual readings and meditation training. Together we design an effective approach to achieving your goals. My office has been relocated to Camano Island.

I am available for group meditation, hypnosis sessions or readings

I am available for Skype sessions, FaceTime and phone appointments.

My standard charge for hypnotherapy is $50.00 an hour, however I work with people depending on their circumstances to find a price that works for you. I offer great rates for spiritual readings, depending on the situation. Please contact me to discuss.


Hypnotherapy can take you from your outer, waking ego-mind state to a deeper level of inner consciousness awareness known as the Alpha state. This is not a sleeping state of mind, but an inner awareness, similar to a meditative state. This allows you to build a bridge to your inner sanctuary. This is an effective place for you to develop an inner personal relationship with yourself. From that inner personal relationship, the possibilities are endless.  Using hypnotherapy, you can:

  • Relax your body
  • Quiet your mind
  • Detach from your thoughts
  • Manage pain
  • manage stress
  • Resolve inner conflicts
  • Release old belief systems
  • Release old habits (habits are mental & physical attachments)
  • Develop new habits
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Develop greater awareness in the present
  • Create a platform for prayer or meditation
  • Develop a stronger connection to your core
  • Develop intuitive abilities
  • Strengthen the mind/body connection
  • Learn to clear your own energy field
  • Get in touch with your soul’s purpose
  • Explore past lives through regression work

These are just some of the things hypnotherapy can do. We will work together to tailor a program to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to call me with any questions you might have or to talk about your interests.

Spiritual Readings

I do not set a price on Spiritual Readings. I don’t feel that money should be a barrier to receiving spiritual information. You can pay me what you feel the information is worth to you. They are set up by appointment.

If you are on a quest to develop a meditation practice or you would like to learn more about the chakra system or learn some energy exercises, this is a great place for you to learn more.

I provide intuitive readings for individuals, groups or parties. I offer Shamanic practices such as, soul retrieval to reclaim vital energies lost through trauma.

I offer quided visualization and relaxation for groups and individuals.

One thought on “My services

  1. Hi Cindy! Just wanted to thank you for my reading . It was very nice to meet you.
    I am interested in future sessions. When I find the right job I will be in touch..
    Thank you again .

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