February 2019

This is a good month to practice being more loving with yourself and with others. There are so many distractions in daily life and so many platforms trying to capture your attention and energy. It is easy to get swept up in some of the fearful negative energies without even being aware of it. Fear is an incoherent energy, love on the other hand is a coherent energy and therefore more effective. ” Coherent wave frequencies overlap and reinforce each other, thereby gaining strength, and giving strength to other coherent wave forms. Incoherent wave frequencies not only cannot overlap and reinforce, but clash, confuse, weaken, and even cancel each other out.” The Heart-Mind Matrix by Joseph Chilton Pearce.

Check in with yourself throughout the day and feel if you are in a loving space, it will feel relaxed and expanded. If you feel contracted and stressed, simply shift from your head and breathe with your heart for a few minutes. Becoming aware of our breathing brings us back into the moment where we can choose to open up and allow source energy in and feel the universal love. Love and fear do not coexist. Either you are in a loving vibration or a fearful one. Love feels so much better. We can choose where we place our energy and attention by using simple awareness.

The next Tarot Class at A Path to Avalon will be on Saturday February 9th from 1:00-3:00 $20.00. Call the store to register 360-403-8884

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