These are challenging times during the Pandemic. I hope that you and your loved ones remain healthy!

If you would like to have an appointment or a reading during this time of social distancing we can setup Skype, FaceTime or phone sessions.

To help you reduce some stress, I am posting a breath exercise. It only takes a few minutes and it works wonders in bringing you back into your body and the moment.

Source Energy Breath

To begin the exercise, just take a couple of breaths with your heart. Then imagine a ball of light, like sun light, source energy just above the top of your head.

Breathe this wonderful light in through the crown of your head. As it enters the head, be aware of it activating the pineal gland, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. These are the spiritual glands in the brain.

After the breath passes these glands, let the air fill up the belly fully and then the diaphragm.

Then exhale slowly through your mouth starting at the diaphragm, then letting all the air out of the belly squeezing the belly muscles.

Repeat the process seven times and you will feel so much better.

These days can be especially hard for empathetic and sensitive people. Please remember to take care of yourself. You can limit the amount of news you take in, spend time in nature or watch nature videos, meditate and use energetic protection, such as, the ball of light, the octahedron, the platinum shield, whatever works for the day. Take time to do what you love.

A Path to Avalon is currently closed. Continue to check their website for their scheduled reopening. apathtoavalon.com

The next Tarot class is scheduled for Sunday April 26th at 12:30. We will see how things are going by then.

Remember to be grateful for the small things!

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