June 2020

We are living in very interesting and challenging times. I believe that our civilization is getting an incredible opportunity for a reset in how we conduct our lives. The pandemic has provided us with the opportunity to learn that we can live our lives differently and that we are one people on one planet. What affects one country affects our global society. We are interconnected by resources and our financial dynamic is a global reality.

The racial inequality and the violence towards people of color has come to a tipping point and people around the world are standing up against the injustice!

These are powerful times that have the potential to create world wide change on the planet. Maybe we can come to the understanding that we truly are one people on one planet! Maybe we can grow from this and learn to work together as the family of humanity and solve some of the real problems that we face.

We can all participate in these powerful times by speaking our truth, standing up for what we believe in and helping each other out in whatever ways that we can.

All of the things that are going on can be overwhelming. Remember to have a practice that you can go to for some quiet time and nurture yourself. Do the things that you love to do, go for a walk, sit with your breath, observe nature, sing, or dance. Check in with yourself throughout the day and shift from your head and breathe through your heart, think of something that bring you joy and happiness, this moves you into the coherence of the heart and opens you back up to the big flow of source energy. It really feels good to do that. It is so easy to contract and restrict the flow of source when we are stressed, afraid or overwhelmed.

We are in phase 2 now and I am seeing clients again. Phone, Skype or FaceTime appointments are available also.

Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself.

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