May 2021

We are all living with so many electronic devices our mind, body and spirit can benefit by taking some time off for the devices. Try to take some time each day to turn everything off and enter into silence. Shift from your head and breathe with your heart and just be present with your breathe. Notice what hear around you. Listen to your breathe or your heartbeat. Just be still. Even 5 minutes with silence can refresh you mind, body and spirit. Have fun with the quiet.

I will be teaching the Tarot Classes at A Path to Avalon on the 2nd Thursday of the month 12:30-2:30.

The next class will be on Thursday June 10th 12:30-2:30. The cost is $25.00

The focus of this class will be for beginning and intermediate tarot readers. We will break down the 78 cards of the Tarot deck so that it will be easier to read.

The class limit is 8. Preregistration is required. Call A Path to Avalon at 360-403-8884 to register.

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