Finding your Passion

Finding your Passion

Do you know what makes your heart sing?  As we move into the Aquarian energies and the new paradigm we are changing.  The changes can be subtle and we may not recognize that we have shifted in our consciousness.  Along with that what we use to find joy and happiness in can shift.  You may need to redefine what makes your heart sing or what really lights you up and causes you to feel the fire within.  You maybe feeling flat and wonder what has happened to your heart’s desire.  It could be that you just need to spend some time with your self and find out.

You can shift from your head and focus your awareness in your heart.  Take a couple of breathes through the heart, inhale and exhale through the heart.  Then think of your blessings and what you are grateful for in your life.  This brings the heart and the mind into coherence.  Then keep breathing with the heart and ask yourself what truly makes you happy.  Stay with your breath and focus of awareness in your heart until you become aware of the answer.  You may feel it, see it, hear it, or just suddenly know what it is.  Then embrace that knowing and use it to bring more happiness into your life.

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