December 2020

This year has been a good time to reflect on what matters most to you. As the year ends, find what you learned as you were challenged to live your life differently. What will you be grateful to gain back in your life when we can gather freely again. What will you be happy to no longer experience in your life that you may have given up during the pandemic. What are your dreams and goals for 2021.

Many of us will be celebrating the holidays differently this year. It is important to stay connected, whether it’s a phone call, zoom meeting, emails, or cards. Reach out and make those connections with your friends and family members. Another way of showing love and caring is to make food for your people. Maybe you cannot dine together, but you can bring a special treat or meal to loved ones.

Make the holidays special for your self and immediate family by making a nature bouquet. Lighting candles, using the smells of the holidays, like putting some orange peel, cinnamon, and cloves in a pan of water on the stove can create the feeling of the holidays. Playing holiday music or watching holiday movies that make you feel good. Make a pine cone wreath. Go to the snow if you can. Remember to have fun.

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