May 2023

During the month of May we celebrate Mothers.

Take some time to have gratitude for your mother and grandmothers, without them you would not be here. You may want to reflect on what traits or gifts you received or learned from them. Share your gratitude with your mother and grandmother if you can!

Look at the experience of nurturing and caring for another person. Then do some nurturing and caring for yourself. You can do this in simple ways during the day, by eating healthy food, going for a walk in nature, gathering a bouquet of flowers and bringing them into your home, taking a bath, giving yourself time to do something you love, write yourself a card, or anything that feels good and nurtures your body, mind and spirit. You can do this even if you had a difficult relationship with your mother. The more we use self care, the more energy we will have to nurture and care for others!

Happy May! Enjoy the May flowers. 🌺

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